Flor og fjære 2

One of my favorite things about this garden is that they made some of it in to a tropical island and many of their plants are palm trees and such, that they have made to thrive on a small island in Norway.

They have now build a nursery on the island, so that they don’t have to transport the trees that does not survive winter in to town.

After the guided tour we got shown to our table in an old boat house. We got a glass of bubbly to start as their great chef came in to talk about the meal we were about to enjoy.

It was interesting to hear the chef tell us about the food, it helped that he was quite funny and a good story teller, as well as a great chef. The food is made with local produce and herbs from their own garden.

The meal started off with an amazing fish soup with four different types of fish. It was served with a lovely glass of white wine.

The main was local beef brisket and lamb tenderloin served braised and oven baked with potatoes and a salad. Both types of meat was extremely tender and paired with a good glass of red.

For dessert they had an ice cream stand with 7 types of ice cream and you could choose as many scoops as you wanted. And the lovely part about this was that you could enjoy it while you walked around the garden on your own and take in the lovely sights.

After a while in the amazing garden it was time to go back to the boat that would take us back in to town. The boat ride was as nice going back as it was on the way out, enjoying the lovely views and the calm sea in the sunshine.

The mood was really good, as we were all well fed and watered and had a wonderful time on the special island.

When we got back to town, we took advantage of the fact that we had a holiday and found a table in and outdoor serving and enjoyed a drink in the sunshine. A lot of people were going home from work and enjoying the sunshine.

After this all we had to to was to have a light stroll home crashing on the couch watching some Netflix before going to bed.

29 thoughts on “Flor og fjære 2

  1. What a special place! Love the beach, and the insight into how it operates…and the food pics! I love them because it’s always interesting to see local cuisine and how Chefs utilize their local resources…thanks for taking us along!

  2. I would love to visit this place, wow! I had to quickly lookup palm trees that can grow so far north. Great post today, Maja! I hope I have your name right. ❤️

  3. Really a beautiful place and certainly well organised. Such short trips ate a must in life for they provide the much needed energy .
    Stay blessed always

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