After the hike to the glacier, we drove the short stretch to another little place called Loen. Our main objective here was to take the Loen sky lift and enjoy the amazing view from the top.

Loen Skylift is an aerial tramway. The cable car climbs 1,011 metres (3,317 ft) to the top of Mount Hoven.

There is also a lovely restaurant at the top, that had an amazing fish soup. So that worked well for lunchtime.

And after a bit of lunch we went for a little walk to explore the top of the Mountain. And saw a few people take the hang gliding way down. And some people on bikes.

For those that does not want to take the sky lift there is also a via ferrata route up, but that is way beyond my comfort level on vacation.

I did want to try their zip line, but because we were there when schools was back it was not open. But if we had gone at a different time there would have been way to many people for my liking.

Loen is the home to some of the oldest farms in Norway: Sæten (Setin), Tjugen (Tyfin), and Loen.

Much of the upper Loen valley was devastated from two rockfall slides (one in 1905 and one in 1936) that created huge waves that swept with them most of the houses and vegetation. A total of 135 people were killed in these two incidents.

After the skylift had brought us back down, I went down to sit on the pier with my legs in the amazing, but cold fjord. And I had an ice cream to make the experience extra pleasant.

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the weekend. I know I plan to enjoy every bit of mine.

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