On our drive we made a stop in the charming village of Valldal. The village is most known in Norway for being “the strawberry village”.

The valley has very good growth condition for fruits ans berries. It was not strawberry season when we were there, but we could see all the fields where they grow all the fruits and berries.

I went for a little stroll by the old ferry key and went to pick up a few items for the trip from the shop close by. The views of the fjord was lovely and the weather was really on our side.

It was a great place to stretch the legs after driving back down from the mountain. I don’t mind driving, but driving on the small steep mountain roads does make me need a few breaks to move a bit from time to time.

It is also wonderful to go outside, by the sea to get some fresh air after a good while in the car with the air condition on, that tends to make my eyes a bit dry after a while when it has to work hard to keep the car cool in the sunshine. The last thing you want when driving is to loose a contact lens due to dry eyes.

Hope you are all doing well out there. What have you been up to this weekend?

27 thoughts on “Valldal

  1. A church where I grew up at has a Steinway grand piano with a pasture scene in the side of it. I am writing a book describing it and the history I am involved with. As a professional musician I am. honored the church shared the instrument.

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