After we drove from Geiranger we drove up to Dalsnibba to enjoy the views from Geiranger skywalk.

Dalsnibba offers a good view and is therefore a popular tourist destination. Dalsnibba is often covered by snow even in the summer.

The Norwegian County Road 63 passes along the south side of the mountain, and from that road, there is a private toll road called Nibbevegen, owned and operated by Geiranger Skysslag, that goes up to the summit of Dalsnibba, a drive of about 21 km (13 mi) from Geiranger.

It was completed in 1939 but due to the Second World War its official opening was delayed until July 19 1948. The road was tarmacked in 2013.

It was a terribly steep road, and it was a little frightening driving up there. But the view when you get up is well worth it. I got over my trembles from the drive quite fast and enjoyed walking up at the sky walk.

The drive back down was not even remotely as scary as the drive up.

Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying joining me on my journey.

20 thoughts on “Dalsnibba

  1. I am very much enjoying your journey, Maja! The view in the first photo is astounding, so beautiful! I knew that Norway is a mountainous country but didn’t know how beautiful, wow! You are blessed to live in this beautiful country. ❤️🇳🇴

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