Picture from Nespresso shop

Picture from Nespresso shop

I really like coffee.  It has the ability to make your day much better from the get go in the morning. I am very pleased with my Nespresso Coffee machine and the Nespresso variety. My machine is not at all fancy, but it gives me great coffee with only having to put in some water a capsule and press a button. The fact that it is quick and tastes good is really a good help in the mornings. I got my machine because I had tasted Nespresso coffee at some friends house and at our summer-house, and there was a machine on sale when I went to get a few items for my appartement before I moved in.

My machine looks just like this

My machine looks just like this

I do realize that drinking too much coffee is not very good for your health, so I try not to drink way to much. And when I come home from work in the afternoon I usually drink tea or decaf coffee. There has not been a good variety in decaf coffee from Nespresso, don’t get me wrong I liked one of the two they had, but one of the things I like about Nespresso is the fact that you have a broad range of choices with your coffee. And after visiting their shop in Stavanger I found out that they had a new variety in decaf coffee. I know this is a bit strange to get really worked up about, but it is the small happiness in life that makes the everyday good. I tried two of the new ones and found that one of them was actually better than it’s caffeinated counterpart.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I know I am.



Last weekend before Chrstmas

This weekend has been a great pre-Christmas weekend. Was really tired on friday so I fell asleep early and woke well rested on saturday. I started the day by tidying and cleaning my apartment before a good friend, her husband and little daughter came to visit. As she lived in Bergen it was a long time since last saw them and we had a nice time eating the things I baked for Christmas and catching up on everything.

Afterwards I went to my parents place for dinner and I spent the evening there watching a Christmas concert on TV and one of the films I always watch before Christmas, Love Actually. I was a bit shocked when i remembered that this film i now 10 years old. But it’s still one of  the newest of the films I see every year. Love_Actually_movie

Today I’ve been helping my father buying some presents and some more gift wrapping paper and coffee for me.  As it was raining a lot today I feared the paper bags they have a the Nespresso shop would be damaged before I got home. From an environmental point of view the paper bags are much better than the plastic ones, but when you live in a city where it’s often raining it’s not always the best option if you want to be able to bring what you bought home. But a Nespresso they gave me a rain cover for my bag 🙂

Rain cover for paper bags

Rain cover for paper bags

The rest of the weekend will be used to watch more films and wrap the last gifts for Christmas, listening to Christmas music and other nice stuff.

Weekend again

It’s weekend again, my favourite time of the week. Don’t get me wrong the rest of this week has been very good, but weekend is almost always a high. I started the weekend by babysitting which was relaxing.

Today I’ve been doing a lot of laundry and I went shopping for some things I needed. So now I have wet clothes all around my apartment. As I was almost out of coffee I needed to go to the Nesspresso store. This is a relatively new store here in my town. There was one in the city I used to live in when I was studying, but the I did no own a machine and had no need to shop there. I love going into this shop. Even if there are a lot of people in there they always make the shopping a great experience. The service is excellent, the staff is knowledgable and the coffee is really good. I usually get the same couple of coffees, Fortissio Lungo,  Arpeggio and Dharkan. But today I tasted the Chiccorosso and decided I wanted to get a few of those as well, as a dessert coffee.

I obviously did not remember all the things I was going to get today, I was supposed to remember to buy some flowers for Christmas, but I guess I can get them later.

Now I’m going to get ready for a birthday party 🙂