Stress, illness and National Championship

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been very busy lately. And since Murphy’s law seem to apply I also got quite sick when I was at my busiest at work and with preparing for the National Brass Band competition. This was actually the first time I had to go to the doctor to get her to write a note saying I could not go to work. I’m not sick often, but this time I got two in one. I had a virus and a bacterial infection and a lot of fever. The worst part of the illness it that, even if I’m much better now I’m still very tired and I get dizzy for no reason. But I’m soon of the antibiotics and the horrible-tasting cough sirup. I can go to work and I have no fever. So I’m not complaining (too much).

I was just about able to go with my band to Bergen for the National Championship this year. And even if I felt old and a bit useless, having to take naps and not being able to participate in all of the social events the weekend was good fun. We were happy with our playing and we got loud cheers from the audience when we finished.

Grieghallen, where the Competition was held.
Grieghallen, where the Competition was held.

I also got to meet some friends who live in Bergen. Apart from those whom I met at  Grieghallen during the daytime and at the party on Saturday night, I got to meet up with a good friend and her daughter who had turned 1 years old just days previously. I also got to eat dinner with one of my former roommates. The food and company were excellent 🙂 The party in the evening on Saturday was nice, as always, even if I could not party at maximum speed and intensity.

Very good sushi at Sumo and a tired but happy Maja
Very good sushi at Sumo and a tired but happy Maja

On Sunday I slept on the bus on the way home. Went to my parents and slept for a little while on their couch before we went to eat at my brother’s place to celebrate mothers day. I managed to keep from falling asleep on his couch, but it is safe to say I did not stay up late once I got home.

5 thoughts on “Stress, illness and National Championship

    1. The picture is of the concert hall in Bergen called Grieghallen. I used to live two minutes from this building and I think it is quite beautiful 🙂

      I’m feeling much better now, thank you!

    1. Thank you Paul. Right now I’m happy to be up to 85% and as there is not much to do but wait for it to be over that is what I’ll be doing. And making sure I take my vitamines and get the rest I need.

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