Weekend with a bad start, but a happy ending!

This weekend got off to the worst start. On friday it was raining, a lot, I mean they had even sent out a flood warning. So you can probably imagine that this was not the best morning to not find your umbrella. When I got to work I was soaked. Standing there dripping I could not find my access card and figured I had left it at home. The day at work went quite ok, but I guess I was very ready to go home at the end of the day because I left my bag there. As I got home and tried to  find my access card I realized it was probably in my bag with my Visa card, at work…. To say I was in the best of moods when I was getting ready to go out for a drink with colleagues would be a lie. The fact that I decided to cut my fringe with  bad scissors dd not do much to lighten my mood. Luckily I had a very good time at the bar.

Tasty local beer.
Tasty local beer.

Saturday started on a very different note. The sun was out and I had an accident free morning. As it was the 8th of march I went to a lecture and mingling event in Sølvberget, the house where the library is, with my mother, aunt and cousin. The people speaking had many interesting things to say and I really liked the event. Afterwards we went to the cafe in the same building to get some wine. In the evening I went out with a friend to try a relatively new burger place in Stavanger called Døgnvill (the name can be roughly translate to Jet-lagged). The burgers tasted really great and the milkshake was simply amazing!  After this we headed to Martinique for a few beers.

Today has been quite lazy. But I got to see the new apartment some friends of mine just bought, went for a walk, watched some winter sports on TV and probably most importantly I slept in and got some much-needed sleep after a week of not sleeping to well. So despite a very bad start to the weekend it turned out to be a good one 🙂 Hopefully I’ll find my cards in my bag at work tomorrow and all will be well.

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