Autumn in Ireland part 3: Headford

Misty morning

Misty morning

During the stay in Ireland I spent a night at a friend’s house in the village/town of Headford. When we arrived it was quite dark and we were unable to see much of the surroundings. What you did notice was the fact that it was very rural. At night we went for a pint in a local pub and this was good fun. Waking up the next morning looking out from the window was amazing.

View from bedroom window

View from bedroom window

After a homemade typical irish breakfast we went down to Headford side of lake Corrib. The mist on the lake was as nice as the misty fields, but as the fields and bogs had a romantic wuthering heights feel about them. The lake was more eerie. You could not see far ahead and I half way expected to see a boat coming out of the mist with no one at the oars. Or maybe a toll of a bell. I might be reading a little to much.

Lake Corrib

Lake Corrib


7 thoughts on “Autumn in Ireland part 3: Headford

  1. Now, you’re making the professor want to visit.

  2. Liz says:

    What a lovely experience. I love rural life!

  3. […] largest lake in Ireland. Last time I went over we also went dow, but then the lake was a nice misty mystery. It was almost unrecognisable now in the […]

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