Autumn in Ireland part 2: Tuam

Autumn in the park
Autumn in the park

Tuam has a great park right next to the leisure centre. It’s very nice looking and has good routes for walking. When I was over now the park had just started to get its autumnal colours and was truly a sight to see.

cool looking shop in Tuam town centre
Cool looking shop in Tuam town centre

Tuam might not be a shopper’s paradise. but it has quite a few nice little shops that I found really nice. The one in the picture above McManus TV and quilt shop was one of them. They also have some good cafès, if you ever go over there i can recommend Galway roast. Great coffee, good food and a nice staff. And like everywhere in Ireland (or so it seems to me) there are plenty of nice little pubs.

Street art
Street art

When I was over I decided to go for a few walks and enjoy the weather, so I got to see a lot of the town. And to move myself around trying to digest some of the Irish food. What seems to decide the quality of the restaurant in Ireland seem to be determined by the size of the portions.

Wheel outside St. Jarlath
Outside St. Jarlath

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