Picture from Nespresso shop
Picture from Nespresso shop

I really like coffee.  It has the ability to make your day much better from the get go in the morning. I am very pleased with my Nespresso Coffee machine and the Nespresso variety. My machine is not at all fancy, but it gives me great coffee with only having to put in some water a capsule and press a button. The fact that it is quick and tastes good is really a good help in the mornings. I got my machine because I had tasted Nespresso coffee at some friends house and at our summer-house, and there was a machine on sale when I went to get a few items for my appartement before I moved in.

My machine looks just like this
My machine looks just like this

I do realize that drinking too much coffee is not very good for your health, so I try not to drink way to much. And when I come home from work in the afternoon I usually drink tea or decaf coffee. There has not been a good variety in decaf coffee from Nespresso, don’t get me wrong I liked one of the two they had, but one of the things I like about Nespresso is the fact that you have a broad range of choices with your coffee. And after visiting their shop in Stavanger I found out that they had a new variety in decaf coffee. I know this is a bit strange to get really worked up about, but it is the small happiness in life that makes the everyday good. I tried two of the new ones and found that one of them was actually better than it’s caffeinated counterpart.


Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I know I am.


15 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. You wouldn’t like coming to my house for coffee. I drink it watered down, half regular, half decaf. 😦 But I’m old. I had one of those Keurig coffee makers for awhile. Left a residue of grounds in the bottom of my cup and I stopped using it. I’m not as pleasant without some coffee in the morning. 🙂

    1. I like my coffe strong and black. Watered down coffee is not what I prefere. But if the choice is between watered down coffee or no coffee in the morning I will go for the watered down option.

  2. I have a Nestle Dolce Gusto, the cheaper cousin of the Nespresso. I do sometimes think about shifting up but I’m pretty taken with my little machine. Also
    They do a decent range of decaf and skinny drinks for Dolce Gusto so I’m quite happy with it.

    1. I haven’t tried that machine or it’s coffee, but the people I know who owns a macine like that all seem to be happy with it. And if you’re happy with what you’ve got why change?

  3. I’m pleased to hear that your weekend was good, Maja. I was drinking a cup of French coffee from my cafetiere as I read your post! Coffee is very necessary to get the brain cells working…

  4. It is the small things in life that make the world go round. I used to drink instant coffee because that is what I grew up with, but had to stop after I started getting palpitations from the caffeine. I now enjoy my cup of hot chocolate – just like the little kids :).

    1. Hot chocolate sounds really nice. I don’t usually drink it, but it makes me think of being a kid having played all day in the snow and enjoying a good cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

  5. I don’t drink nearly as much coffee these days as I used to, but I still drink a fair amount, and I don’t think I would like having to go through the day without it. I certainly do appreciate my coffee. Great idea for a post. Even those who don’t drink it, would probably have an opinion about it. 🙂

    1. I imagine they would have an opinion about coffee to. It’s important to find the litle things that makes the day a little better. For me coffee is a great tasting bevrage with the added benefit of keeping me awake 🙂

  6. Coffee truly is the nectar of the gods. If I don’t have mine I feel all out of sorts for the rest of the day. BTW, I love your blog and your blog “voice”, very easy and enjoyable to read 🙂

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