Another weekend is over

My weekend turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. I did bits and pieces around the house, as planned, and I went for a few nice walks. As promised the weather got colder and clearer. And the sky went from grey to blue and pink. I really do prefere this weather to the rain, hail and wind from the last weeks, even if it it a bit slppery with the ice on the ground. I now I might jinx myself here, but I have managed to keep both feet on the ground so far (touch wood).

Lovely sky and frozen lake
Lovely sky and frozen lake

On Saturday evening I stayed in, enjoyed a glass of wine and watched Spellemansprisen, Norway’s annual music award show. The show was held here in Stavanger, but I did not go to see it or go celebrity spotting around town, I simply watched it on TV as I used to when I was a kid.

Norwegian music award
Norwegian music award

To wrap up the weekend I went to my parents house on Sunday to enjoy a traditional Norwegian sunday dinner with the family. All in all it was a very good weekend combining relaxation with getting things that needed to be done out of the way. Hope all of you had really great weekends and bring some positive energy into th week ahead.


12 thoughts on “Another weekend is over

  1. Mine was a little crazy, since hubby had to pull an all-nighter on Saturday for work, which is rare… so I laid on the sofa watching classic films, because that’s just how I roll… But I’m curious! What is a traditional Norwegian Sunday dinner? Do tell… xx MH

    1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend. The dinner we had this sunday is a kind of lamb stew, but there are a lot of other Norwegian dishes that is often used for sunday dinners.

  2. It sounds peaceful and relaxing, two of my favorite ingredients for any week-end. Add in some lamb stew, and a glass of wine, and I think you’ve got a winner there. At least, it works for me. Way to go. Sounds like it would be pretty tough to beat. Hope you have a great week to follow up with. 🙂

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