This weekend I`ve been visiting the town where I spent 5 years at University, Bergen. The reason I was there was that my band was participating in the Norwegian National Brass Band Championship. The weekend was very enjoyable. We played well and I got to see many of my friends and acquaintances that plays in other bands around the country. That is one of the nicest things about going to the competitions. The parties were good, we where happy with our results all in all the only thing that did not behave in a good way was the weather, but what can you do.

Edward Grieg
Edward Grieg

The competition is held in Grieghallen, translating to Greig’s hall. Named after Bergen’s most famous composer Edward Greig, the one of whom the statue is of. This is also the location of the famous brass night party is held after the results have been announced on saturday evening.

When I was in Bergen I also found the time to go to a birthday party for my friends daughter who turned two. The birthday girl was all smiles and it was very nice to see them all again. And of course the cake was lovely.


Now that the competition is over I hope I get more time to do the things I’ve been neglecting while being busy rehearsing and playing concerts.

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