Good morning

This weekend is going to be really good. I decided it would be and made plans accordingly. This week I’ve been very tired, I guess I was feeling the aftermath of a very busy period. But I did get to catch up with a few friends over the week that I haven’t had the time to see in ages.  Meeting up with and just chatting with good friends are things I miss a lot when I’m to busy to meet up with them. And this week I’ve really got to have good conversations with some of them and just enjoyed their company. In addition to being very nice I’ve gotten rid of some of the guilty conscience over having to turn them down when they’ve asked me to hang out the last while.

Picture from a walk a few summers ago
Picture from a walk a few summers ago

Today I’m having a really quiet morning. I slept in, had a good cup of coffee, read a little, listened to some music and just enjoyed the simple little things I’ve missed when I did not have the time for them. Later on I’ll make a trip down to the library and get a birthday present for the birthday party I’m going to later. As I have promised to go over to my parents tomorrow and try out their redecorated kitchen and make them dinner, I also need to remember to get what I need from the shop. I should really do a bit of tidying and cleaning in my flat, but I won’t be disappointed in myself if I don’t get anything done.

Summer sunset from the boat
Summer sunset from the boat

Hope all of you have a nice weekend doing all the things that makes you happy!

P.S. WordPress just told me this was my 100th post, so I guess that is something I’ll be celeberating this weekend as well.



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