Witsun at the cabin

Flowers from the garden
Flowers from the garden

I spent this Whitsun at our summer-house. The weather was not the best when I drove in after work on friday, but the rain wasn’t too bad. I woke up quite early on saturday and after a nice long breakfast I drove to Jørpeland, the nearest small town. I picked up some groceries we forgot, had a walk around town and enjoyed a nice ice cream.

View of the harbour in Jørpeland
View of the harbour in Jørpeland

The rest of the day the sun was out and I got to work on my tan even if it was a bit cold. I also helped my dad out with a bit of work needed at the cabin. I also got a long walk in so I could clear my head and enjoy the lovely view.

View from the island in the sun
View from the island in the sun

The next day the weather had turned again and the rain was pouring down again. There was more work to be done and we had a long visit from some of the neighbours that came to help out. I really like to have good and kind neighbours that lends you a hand when you need one and that you can help out should you be able to help them with anything. I don’t know why it’s like this, but somehow that’s easier at the summer-house in the country than home in the town where I live in an apartment in the town centre. Granted i don’t need any help from the neighbours at home, but I hardly know them. And it suits me fine to have it that way at home. At the cabin everyone stops to chat, helps you with stuff and Knows more about each other and I like that it’s like that there.

Going home
Going home

All good things must come to an end and as the weekend ended we headed home to visit my granddad for his birthday. Hope you all had a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Witsun at the cabin

  1. Sounds like a lovey weekend. We have had such mild temps and many gray skies. Not the usual fare for our spring. I know I will regret saying this in the months to come but I am looking forward to summer!!

    1. Heheh, we’re still waiting for summer. June came with hailstones and low temperatures so I’m just hoping summer will turn up for a few days this year.

  2. Looks like a nice place and a nice time. Please excuse my ignorance but what is Witsun? I know you are waiting for summer to come. It arrive here with a vengeance. We have had 90+ everyday for a week. Next week, thank goodness, back to normal. I’m in search of a cool spot.

    1. Wikipedia says “Whitsun (also Whitsunday, Whit Sunday or Whit) is the name used in the United Kingdom and Ireland[1] for the Christian festival of Pentecost, the seventh Sunday after Easter, which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s disciples (Acts of the Apostles chapter 2).”
      The warmth hasn’t reached us yet, but yesterday was quite sunny!

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