Randoms and recommendations

Kevin at Newauthoronline has a new collection of poetry out, I have my hands on it and can’t wait to get started! The Girl Who Wasn’t There and other poems can be found here, the below is the description from the amazon page:

The great Oscar Wilde remarked, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.
Many of the poems in this collection portray people struggling in life’s gutter.
“Lonely men of a certain age” hear the voices of young women and yearn for something beyond “sterile sitting rooms”, while to the prostitute, its all about “handbags and shoes”, even if her “choice” leads to the woman “drowning in booze”.
Anyone who likes dark poetry will, it is hoped, gain something from this collection.

The street known as "the colored street" is 10 years old!
The street known as “the colored street” is 10 years old!

I have to get to reading this immediately, because in a very short while another book I want to read will be out. C.S. Boyack over at Entertaining Stories has a book coming out very soon. The Experimental Notebook of C.S Boyack might not be out just yet, but it can be pre-ordered here. The description on amazon says:

A speculative fiction selection of micro-fiction and short stories. These were designed to be short reads for your commute, coffee break, and other times when readers are pressed for time. This book contains a bit of science fiction, some fantasy, and paranormal stories.

I’m excited to see short fiction returning in popularity. I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as I did.

Tour to look at the new street art. Photo from my window.
Tour to look at the new street art. Photo from my window.

Last but not least The Opinionated Man, Jason, needs help to find his sister! Jason is usually better at helping others than asking for help, so if sharing his link can in any way help him out in any way, I’m happy to do it. If it doesn’t help at least it can’t hurt.

16 thoughts on “Randoms and recommendations

  1. Many thanks Maja for blogging the link to “The Girl Who Wasn’t There”, I very much appreciate it. I will be sure to check out the other book you mention and wish Jason every success in finding his sister. Kind regards. Kevin

  2. I’m not much into poetry but love short stories. Short attention span. 🙂 I hope your friend finds his sister. I haven’t heard from a brother since 99 and when they don’t want to be found, well I had to let it go.

    1. I hope he finds her too. Poetry is a thing that is very hit and miss for me. Sometimes I really enjoy it and sometimes it’s just not for me.

      Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

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