The Geo-Park

Going to hang out outside down by the sea for a while today and enjoy the sunshine and some good company! This cool park will be among the places to visit.

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Geopark Geo-park

The weather has been lovely lately and I have taken the opportunity to go out for a few walks. I walked past the Geo-Park the other day and I was reminded of how much I like the idea of this playground/park in the city centre.

Pipeline Pipeline

The park is filled with stuff from the oil industry that is not in use any more. Itโ€™s located right outside the oil museum, Stavanger being the oil capital in Norway. All the stuff has been donated by various oil companies and they are given a new life in the park. And itโ€™s very popular with the children of all ages. You can, among many things jump on big orange buoys, crawl through a pipeline, play beach volleyball or hide under a big GPR cover in the rain.

WP_000820 Beach volley

I think this is a very good way to find use for allโ€ฆ

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