Noah’s Ark in Stavanger

Noah's ark
Noah’s ark

At port in Stavanger at the moment is a replica of Noah’s ark. Or what they imagine they would have looked like. Except from the barges they use to stabilize it.

Entrance to the ark
Entrance to the ark

Inside there is a museum that aims to show what you can find in the bible. I did not go inside as the price to go in was a bit high and the target group for this floating museum is kids. But it was interesting to have a look at it from the outside.

LED-lights might be a bit safer than torches
LED-lights might be a bit safer than torches

22 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark in Stavanger

      1. I am used to it getting stuffy and smelly on London underground on a hot summer’s day, with all those people packed into a tube carriage where the air conditioning has failed! Mine is a good weekend, thanks. Its sunny but a little chilly so perfect Autumn weather. Kevin

    1. It’s cheaper for the children. And for the grandparents. And it’s not extremely expensive, but more than I was willing to pay to see a museum for children.

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