Back to Ireland Part 3: Galway

I have now been working for 4 days and I’m still enjoying myself and think this will be every bit a good as I thought I would be. And today the lovely Janice at Mostly Blogging featured one of my posts in her first ever international weekly roundup! Add the fact that the sun is shining outside and my week could hardly be better.

Painting of the Latin Quarter, in the Latin Quarter
Painting of the Latin Quarter, in the Latin Quarter

One of the things I had my heart set on doing in ireland was to get some shopping done. Things here are a little cheaper than in Norway and I always seem to find more clothes I like when I go shopping abroad, even in a different city of Norway I find more I want to shop than at home. Maybe I’m just a bit strange like that. But anyway, buying new clothes had not been my top priority after having the hours reduced at my old job, so I was in need of something new for my new start!

Once again the weather was really lovely and walking around town was very nice. We started out by walking around a little and getting lunch in a very nice restaurant called The Quays, they served traditional Irish food and specialized in seafood. I tried their seafood platter and was not disappointed. After this I left the others to fend for themselves and hit the shops!

View of Galway from top of shopping centre
View of Galway from top of shopping centre

After quite a few hours it was time to eat again and we headed up to some good friends up in Oranmore just outside Galway to enjoy their company and a really nice curry. A perfect end to the day!

25 thoughts on “Back to Ireland Part 3: Galway

  1. Great news that you are enjoying your new work and congratulations on your post being featured. As for shopping, I agree and always buy most when on holiday. Do you think it has to do with being more relaxed and contented? A couple of time I’ve even had to buy an extra small bag to check in!

    1. Thank you! As for the shopping on holiday in my case I think it’s more to do with visiting shops that I don’t usually visit so I often see things I can’t get at home and the fact that everything is cheaper when I go abroad almost regardless of what country I go to. I’ve never shopped so much that I’ve had to buy an extra bag, but the day might come sooner rather than later 🙂

    1. Hi,
      I was just over for a short visit. My boyfriend is from Ireland and his family and friends live there. It’s nice to get to see them once in a while 😊

      1. You have a reader named Doug. He found me on your site the day you promoted my Meet and Greet. He is now following my blog! (Thank you so much for the exposure!) He told me, I thought, you were working there. Considering I introduced you in the International Weekly Roundup as being from Norway, I guess it’s good you didn’t move to Ireland. LOL.
        Thanks again for all the exposure.
        PS I am having another Meet and Greet this Saturday

  2. It does sound like a truly lovely day, Maja. Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m glad you indulged in something new to wear to the new job too. Pamper yourself when it’s possible. Huge hugs.

  3. Congrats with the new job. It’s good that you have found some clothes you like. A friend visited Norway the other summer from another Nordic country and said the prices there are astronomical.

  4. Shopping on holiday is one of those universal joys, isn’t it? Sure, we could just as easily get things at home, and could probably order the same stuff online, but then you miss out on being able to say, “Oh, this? I picked it up while I was in Ireland a few months back…” And then everyone swoons with envy and you plot your next destination, yeah?

    Plus, and maybe this is just me, but it’s nice to have something clean when you get home. Because when I come home, I’ve got a suitcase full of dirty clothes in bags and whatever laundry I failed to do before I left waiting for me. Good thing I bought all that new stuff!

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