Back to Ireland Part 4: Kildare Village

Kildare Village
Kildare Village

When I was over in Ireland I decided to pay a visit to Kildare Village, a small village comprised of houses that contains outlet shops from many brands. I found the Village very charming.

Behind the  village is this charming bridge
Behind the village is this charming bridge

There was many great things on offer, but some of the things that I found I didn’t have the opportunity to buy, because they would be very hard to get home on the plane. I did find some things that I did buy and I will be back for sure if I get the opportunity.


On a different note I’ve had a great first week at work and yesterday we had a nice little party and I got to know many people a little better. I enjoyed very much and it got a bit late and I’m very grateful that I have no major plans the rest of the weekend.

16 thoughts on “Back to Ireland Part 4: Kildare Village

  1. Ahh..what a lovely visit to Kildare village. And it was sunny! Great your first week went so well and you are now feeling more grounded at your new workplace. Have a lovely relaxing Sunday – and may the sun shine tomorrow!

  2. It’s wonderful that you had a great time in Ireland. I probably would too and the shopping would be my favorite part. I’d shop anywhere in the world. It never fails that I find something I can’t find at home That’s the wonder of searching all the corners of the earth. I love coming home but venturing out into the world is always so interesting. I’m glad you keep venturing out and exploring. (oh and shopping too. ) 🙂

    1. I agree with you! I always find something nice when I shop on my travels. Hope your weekend is good to you and that the autumn temperature is to your liking ☺

      1. Temperatures now couldn’t be more perfect. It’s a lovely time of year and we have a bit or rain. Yay! Winter may be slow in coming and that’s fine with me. Still lots to do before quilting season. :)) Wishing you another wonderful week at work.

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