New Beginning

I have been living on cloud nine since I found out I got the new job! Not just because now having a full time job will be much better for my economy, but also because I got a job I wanted. One that seem interesting and will allow me to learn new things and to develop and grow. Having changed jobs quite a lot over the last years I know that it won’t be all rosy. There are always things about your job that you will enjoy more and things that you will care less for than other things. And when starting a new job there are so many new impressions and new things to learn that you’ll be quite tired when you get home. But if this job is half as good as I have reason to believe it will be I will very much thrive at the new place. The fact that my new workplace is located two minutes from my house, on foot, will provide me with more time in the everyday than I have now, when I spend around 1,5 hours commuting to work and home again, depending on the queues.

Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!
Enjoying a nice sandwich, a lovely juice and a good book!

Knowing that I will soon have a full time job has also made me appreciate the days during the week I don’t go to work. I don’t have to constantly check to see if there are any available jobs to apply to and write my applications. There is no more waiting for an answer back after I sent anything in. So now I’m just enjoying my time off. To congratulate me with my new job, my mum took me out to a nice lunch and treated me to a lovely pair of new shoes to wear around the office (and everywhere else I might want to wear them). We had a very nice time, eating, shopping and talking. Today I woke up and found out that the bread I intended on eating for breakfast had gone beyond stale, but instead of it getting me down I saw it as a sign I should  get a nice sandwich and a tasty freshly made juice on my way to the store to get some new bread.

Life is smiling at the moment and I hope this feeling will last for quite some time! Hope life is treating you all very well!

55 thoughts on “New Beginning

  1. I am so happy for you and can feel you bubbling with joy. Your delight in life is dazzling. At last you have certainty ahead of you and no more horrid waiting, waiting to hear about applications etc. Lunch with your mother sounds lovely. When does your new work start? Does that mean we will see less of you on here? Hope not! ❤️

  2. I’m so happy for you. A job that challenges you and makes you grow is so much more fulfilling than one that you can do by rote. My daughter has been on her new job well over a year now and she is still bubbling like you are. Some days she goes home and her brain hurts from learning and working but she is still smiling. I know how important work that challenges you can be. Days fly by when work is interesting. I took my daughter out to celebrate her new job too so I guess it’s a mom thing. We love our daughters to be happy. The happier you are, the more happy you get. :)) Giant hugs for you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! One spends a lot of time at work and I feel that if you get the oppurtunity to do something interesting that time is better spent. Nice to hear that your daughter is enjoying her job.

    1. Heheh, it will free up some time working so close to home, I hope. I better not start pretending to be sick, to be fair I think I would have been pretty lousy at it any way.

  3. there is nothing like a new job to get you heart beating and your self esteem rising. I started a new job 3 months ago and you’re right about feeling tired learning all the new stuff but it’s such a blessing and I’m really happy for you!

  4. Congratulations on your new job! I would love to work within walking distance of my home. I would save so many hours every week especially since I spend most of my commute bobbing and weaving through construction zones. I would have more energy to write. 😦

    1. Thank you very much! I will save 1,5 hours on a normal day even more on days with bad traffic or road work. I like to think I will use that time doing something constructive .

  5. Congrats on the new job! 🙂 I found your blog through OM’s “Meet and Greet” Sending even more good vibes your way and I look forward to reading more! 🙂

  6. How exciting. I know the feelings you expressed so well. Congratulations on the new position and the great attitude about enjoying life, moment by moment. I hope you will keep us posted on how you like the job after you have had a chance to settle in. Good luck!

  7. Congrats! I hope you are enjoying your new position and the rest of your life!
    I have been enjoying my life for the past 10 1/2 years. In Feb. of 2005, I moved back to CV to live with my soulmate. We got married in June of that year & life has just continued to get better everyday since.
    Despite losses (which, of course, can not be avoided), we are happy to have each other to hold in our sadness. We support each other in our passions and we now have so many friends and family that it gets overwhelming sometimes.
    But Angelo is very understanding of my need for alone time, so it all works out. 😉 ❤
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    1. I am very much enjoying! Sounds like you have made a great life for yourself! Finding the things that make you happy and filling your life with happiness and love must be the best way to live.

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