My thoughts go to the people of Paris and all those affected by the terrible events!

Right now I’m quite lost for words. I feel scared, angry and sad. What has the world come to? 


11 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Jack Eason says:

    Unfortunately Mas, innocents will always be murdered by lunatic madmen. 😦

  2. I don’t watch news so I’m just hearing about it from other bloggers. It has been so since the beginning of time and will never end. I will join you in holding good thoughts for all those that have been lost and those that lost someone. I would give anything to see a world at peace with our differences.

  3. So much blood was shed and even more innocence lost. And ISIS rolls on, but at some point there will come a reckoning. Yet, sadly, nothing but nothing can bring back those precious lives lost on Friday night. What a void they left.

  4. mommermom says:

    I know. Such a useless tragedy.

  5. amommasview says:

    And what will we have to face in the near future?…

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