19 thoughts on “Good News For Coffee Lovers…

  1. I love coffee. However being a little lazy as regards coffee making, I drink instant at home and enjoy the real deal when eating out. There are some excellent coffee shops in London and even some pubs make rather good coffee! Kevin

      1. Maybe I will put a coffee machine on my list of gifts (my mum asked what I would like for Christmas this year and, provided I use it, a coffee maker would be a nice present to receive). You also, have a lovely weekend and enjoy your coffee drinking! Kevin

  2. I like how they cautiously added the word “May” to every statement. My coffee maker is on a timer to go off at 4 am. I only get a couple of cups and then stop so I don’t get the jitters. I mix half regular and half decaf at my age and water it way down. But I just can’t go completely without it. I’m glad it’s not bad for me. Thanks for sending the information.

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