19 thoughts on “Good News For Coffee Lovers…

  1. I love coffee. However being a little lazy as regards coffee making, I drink instant at home and enjoy the real deal when eating out. There are some excellent coffee shops in London and even some pubs make rather good coffee! Kevin

    1. I love coffee too! I have a nespresso machine for home and i like to enjoy a good coffee at a coffee shop from time to time. Hope the weekend will treat you well!

      1. Maybe I will put a coffee machine on my list of gifts (my mum asked what I would like for Christmas this year and, provided I use it, a coffee maker would be a nice present to receive). You also, have a lovely weekend and enjoy your coffee drinking! Kevin

  2. I like how they cautiously added the word “May” to every statement. My coffee maker is on a timer to go off at 4 am. I only get a couple of cups and then stop so I don’t get the jitters. I mix half regular and half decaf at my age and water it way down. But I just can’t go completely without it. I’m glad it’s not bad for me. Thanks for sending the information.

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