What are you doing before Christmas?

Norwegian Christmas soda

It’s been a very hectic week, but I’ve enjoyed some of the lovely things that comes with the Christmas season. As you’ve probably have noticed if you’ve been reading my blog, I love the holiday season!

This weekend I won’t be working. So I will be spending with friends. Having lunch, going to a 30’th birthday party, relaxing and shopping for some Christmas presents. There will be Christmas soda, candles, calendar gifts and Christmas sweets. And most importantly there will be a lot of great people that are very dear to me. Sunday will hopefully be a day of recouperation, because next week will be just as busy as this, if not worse.

How are you all enjoying the season? Do you have any traditions for the time before Christmas?  

25 thoughts on “What are you doing before Christmas?

  1. This is my favorite time of year. I always have such big plans, but somehow, they don’t all materialize. Like my machine quite working in the middle of an embroidery yesterday that was a gift. Now the machine has to get fixed and I have no idea how long the repair will take. At least my daughter is doing most of the baking on Saturdays when she comes to see me. I’m getting the decorations up much slower than in years past but they are going up. I schedule most things including time with friends. We put on Christmas music and that helps put us in the mood. It will all come out right in the end though. I love the holiday and I love January 2 even more. :)))

    1. It’s my favourit time of year too! Sorry to hear about your machine, you’ve really not had a good year when it comes to electric articles! So nice that your daughter is comming to bake. Spending time with family and friends is one of the things I like best about Christmas ☺ Now you have me very curious about January 2….

      1. You make me smile. January 2 is the day I finally get to take a deep breath and rest. For a couple of months until warm dry weather comes, I can take my time to read, write and maybe sew some of the things I’ve been wanting to finish. I think I managed to fix my machine without taking it in. 🙂 But you are right. Anything electrical or mechanical has been obstinate this year. It is an odd year. Maybe the even year will bode much better for me. Buying an older home always comes with challenges along with the all the other challenges of daily life. I’m new to this area so I have to make new friends which means going outside my comfort zone. Very stressful when you are terrified of people. 😦 Have a wonderful week.

      2. I hope the next year will be a really great year for you! I’m very happy it looks like you’ve fixed your machine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will run smoothly now.

  2. I love this season, embracing the Christmas songs and sparkly lights, plus the occasional mince pie and glass of mulled wine 🙂 I really hope we get snow, but it’s just not cold enough at the moment. I also celebrate this time of year as a festival of light, the wheel of the year turning towards summer once more, hope for a new year. When my family moved to Canada and we had no extended family with which to celebrate Christmas, we made it a tradition that Christmas Eve we ate pizza and watched Christmas movies together – even though we’re all back in the same country again, we still like to do that 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, and the season.

    1. I love getting in the Christmas spirit with some Christmas songs. I’m not a great fan of snow here in town, usually prefere ut to stay in the Mountain, but for Christmas it’s charming. The pizza tradition sounds wonderful. But to me it’s a bit strange as Christmas eve is the big day for celebration in Norway.

  3. Seems like you had a fun weekend. My weekend was also fun and love filled with loved one. I don’t have much before Christmas, but will spend all my time with family during the Christmas period. I cannot wait! Enjoy the pre-Christmas season.

  4. So excited that the holiday season finally seems real. I went to my first holiday party this past weekend and received my first gift package in the mail today. Hope you have a great week leading closer to the big day!

  5. Spending time with my boys, decorating a new room at the Lake House, then back home to finish decorating. Oh and I will be baking done cookies too! Looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music and praying for peace. I love the Christmas Season!

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