Winter at Work

Old barn in October

The winter storms has done it’s job on this old run down barn. The first photo is from a walk in October last year and the below is from last Sunday.

Same barn in February

28 thoughts on “Winter at Work

  1. I find it beautiful because it still standing and the stories that it holds and shares every time you look at it. Yes it’s sad to a point that it’s been left to run down to the ground but it’s showing it’s strength to say it has stories and it’s not done with being there yet. It refuses to give up the ground on which it was built to make way for something concrete and new. Good for it!

  2. There’s something about abandoned buildings. They carries stories and they always wants to talk about something like they want to tell us something important. Sadly beautiful pictures. Almost like two paintings πŸ™‚

  3. Old barns are so interesting. Had I known I was going to criss cross the country so many times I would have taken pictures of them along the way. They must have such stories to tell. So many in our area have been torn down when they broke up the dairy preserve that we had here and all of the daries moved to other parts of the state or even out of state. It really is sad when you think about it.

  4. I always want to get my hands on old barn wood. It makes wonderful crafting projects but hard to come by. Too bad you are so far away. πŸ™‚ Weather can do a lot of damage to things we consider permanent. Great photos of then and now. Life changes everything, even us. Have a lovely week, Maja.

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