Swords in Mountain

Woke up early today and the weather was amazing. Spring has not arrived at all but the sun is out even if it’s quite cold. I had to dropp of a borrowed car and decided to stop by a lovely place close to where I grew up and go for a little walk.


Hafrsfjord to me as a kid used to be a place you could hop on your bike and cycle to if you wanted to go for a swim in summer. Not the nicest beach in the area, but the closest. 

But the place is know for a very different reason. This is the place where King Harald Hårfarge gathered Norway into one kingdom. Before the country was ruled by many “kings” often at war with each other. This was back in the Viking age. He got his name Hårfarge (meaning The Fair-Haired) for his commitement not to cut his hair before Norway was United.


The three swords are a sculpture made by Fritz Røed and acts as a memorial of the ancient battle that unified us. And it has become a thing to see if you’re visiting Stavanger. And it a very nice place to go for an early morning walk in the sunshine.

36 thoughts on “Hafrsfjord

  1. What a lovely morning walk and very interesting memorial. Maya, just to let you know I have included you in a list of favourite / recommended blogs in my latest post. https://annikaperry.wordpress.com It’s the Liebster Award! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and wanted to share it here through this award. Please do not feel under any obligation to accept, however should you wish the ‘rules’ are on my post.

    1. Thank you Annika! It was a very lovely morning walk. Thank you very much for the nomination it is appreciated, but I don’t do awards. It’s still an honour. Hope your weekend is treating you and your family well.

      1. You’re welcome, Maya. Comments and friendships formed here on wp are a great reward in themselves. A good weekend so far and looking forward to being spoilt tomorrow!!

  2. I’m away from home and it’s like summer here. HOT! Those are great photos . Like the idea that someone would work to unite people rather than destroy . My children’s paternal grandmother was Swedish so we heard a few stories . Have a lovely weekend .

  3. What an amazing story. Here I am over in Arizona living in the desert and after a few clicks on my computer I am in Norway! Learning about King Harfarge. Such a beautiful pictures of the swords! Thank You So Much for Sharing!

    1. Here they are a part of our history and our ancestors. I think maybe the tourists and others find them more exiting than us. Thank you very much for visiting, hope you have a great weekend.

  4. How glorious. These photos are beautiful and the history behind them is so intriguing. Thanks for the mini history lesson and for bringing it to life in such a visually stimulating way 🙂

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