2016 a blog review

2016 ended with a good party with lovely friends and 2017 started with the same. 2016 ended with a lot of rain, but today the sun is out to make sure all those that has decided to get a fresh start with the new year can get off to a good start.I for one am going out for a little walk later on today to get some fresh air.


My most read posts in 2016 was:

  1. Hafrsfjord
  2. A Winter Walk
  3. Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 3: Dublin’s Fair City
  4. Frozen
  5. Bergen, Ulriken
  6. Hafrsfjord 2
  7. Pokemon Go
  8. Cinque Terre
  9. Sunshine Days
  10. Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green

And the post that received the most comments was:

Happy birthday to me

I want to thank all of you that has visited this blog and a special thanks to all of you who contributed with comments and the like. Blogging would not have been worthwhile if it hadn’t been for you. I mostly appreciate each and every one of you. So thank you so much for 2016, may 2017 be an even better year in blogging.

What was the most popular post on your blog in 2016?

17 thoughts on “2016 a blog review

  1. Happy New Year, Maja! What a great count down of your 2016 blog posts! I’ll need to check that out on my blog site! Peace & good health in the new year! 🎆 Christine

  2. Sounds like a good new year for a young person. I spent it quietly reading blogs. Have never looked at my stats so have no idea which is my most read. I’m glad someone is still reading when I get time to write a post. Here’s to a more prolific writing year. 🙂

  3. I can’t even answer that question. I have been most neglectful of my blog this past year. You have offered some very interesting posts. I am really enjoying your trips and keeping up with you and other of my favorite bloggers has been a challenge. I guess 2017 will let me know where I stand with my blogging future.

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