Biathlon and Cleaning Weekend


This weekend I will use to get ready for easter. And my apartment is in dire need of a good clean up. I got off to a good start yesterday and hope I won’t give up any time soon.

There is a World Championship in biathlon going on in Oslo and my parents and brother is there to watch, but I’m happy to just watch on tv. Yesterday Norway ‘ s team in the women ‘ s relay got the gold medal. They were outsiders to the gold and everyone was really happy for them. They are a very sympathetic and still very young group. We have high hopes for the men today. Where the women has done better than expected many of the men has had a worse Championship then was thought in advance, but if they all have a great day a new gold might be within reach.

There is also a Ski Tour in Canada to end the cross country skiing season. Here the Norwegian women have done much better than the competition, but there is still exititement as to whom will get what medal. In the mens competition there are two Norwegians chasing the russian in the lead before the last leg of the tour.

I hope you will all have a great weekend. What are your plans?

17 thoughts on “Biathlon and Cleaning Weekend

  1. Congrats to your women. Good luck to your men today. Our boys are in an archery tournament today then we too are spring cleaning. Can finally open our windows and let some fresh air in. After being cooped up all winter, that’s a good change. Have a great weekend! 😃

  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me. I’m happy Norway won and you got to watch it. Spring cleaning is something I’m still looking forward to though we still have too much rain and too much chill in the air to open windows. The furnace has stopped going on though. This weekend is busy as usual. People coming and going. Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. Gorgeous shot. We are doing a little spring cleaning ourselves. Shush.. don’t tell my family that I am sneaking in a few peeks at my favorite blogs instead of dusting.

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