Street Art and an Annoyance

Street art on a house

As I usually do I’ve been on a long walk today. I’m pleased that I got a good walk in in between the women and men’s biathlon competitions.

Street art at the theathre

I fond some cool pieces of street art and got some photos of some of them.

Art in my hall

This colourful piece is just inside the front door at my building. Can you spot what’s annoying me a lot about this?

23 thoughts on “Street Art and an Annoyance

  1. Is it because they misspelt two words…or because it looks squashed into one part of the wall instead of utilising the space?….hmm….lovely examples you found!

    1. That`s a nice thought, but sadly I know the artist just isn’t that good in english and apparently couldn’t be bothered checking the spelling before she put it on the wall. If she was unsure she could have checked it out or used Norwegian.It’s a good notion, but looking at it every day still annoys me hugely.

    1. It probably is, but with the misspelt words it’s just annoying. I am of the opinion that if you put something on a wall, make sure someone has read it so it’s not up there to annoy people. If you are unsure check the spelling or write Norwegian. I might be a bit grumpy here, but as I say it’s all I can see if I look at that wall going in the door.

      1. Hmm…not good…will this be left there or will it be painted over in due course? I had spotted the spelling errors but just smiled however I suppose this was seeing it just the once. Calming breaths, Maya…

  2. Spelling errors are irritating. Hugg in Swedish is something you do with an axe. And I don’t think the writer on the wall wants a word that means stab someone with an axe with all those nice words πŸ˜‰

  3. Another lesson in acceptance and letting go. If you only look at the heart of what is written, it won’t be as annoying. I’m a stickler for good spelling as well but sometime it needs to be overlooked. Or maybe you could go paint out the misspelled part of the word. πŸ™‚

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