Stavanger a Lovely Spring Evening

View from Stavanger harbour

Spring has decided to visit and the weather here is stunning! I’m only in to eat now before I’m going back out to enjoy a walk like yesterday.


The weather is supposed to keep nice and I hope it will. I’m going to summer house for the first sleep – over this year.

Sunset over the Geo-park

It’s soon easter holidays and I’m looking forward to some time off. I hope you have a week as great as mine has started.

My lovely town

30 thoughts on “Stavanger a Lovely Spring Evening

      1. Haha! Well, that wasn’t my intent, just that, to me, taking a good photograph is about timing and light and a little luck. But you put in the legwork, early morning, probably chilly, and you were rewarded with a beautiful light level, reflection, deep tones. They’re great photos! πŸ˜ƒ

  1. We are experiencing spring here also but a forecast of rain and cool temps has canceled our spring break camping trip next week. We need the rain more than the trip so no complaints!

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