Weekend at the cabin


I started the first weekend of easter with a trip to our cabin. The weather was less stunning then the rest of the week, but still ok.


Decorated for easter

We got to enjoy easter candy, light candles and keep warm in front of the fire place.


Out on a walk

I got to go on a few very lovely walks and relax.


Spring has decided to visit

Spring has decided to visit this part of Norway and there where lovely flowers showing up.




47 thoughts on “Weekend at the cabin

  1. Looks great! Getaways are always terrific. 😃

  2. Annika Perry says:

    I can’t wait to get to Sweden so I can buy sweets for the Easter eggs! Wishing you a very Happy Easter and hopefully the sun will get a chance to shine.

  3. Beautiful pictures, happy Easter!

  4. Simon says:

    Wow – that looks really nice.

  5. Looks, beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter at the cabin. I hope the Easter Bunny visits.

  6. Those little snowdrop flowers are pretty. It must have been a nice outing.

  7. Jon says:

    These pictures make me wish our snow was gone. 😦

  8. dalecooper57 says:

    It’s always nice to see the snowdrops out, lovely photos.

  9. I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, Masgutsen. The photo of the flowers rising up through the brush is pretty. It’s like a little preview of Spring has to offer, while announcing the end of Winter.

  10. I like that you celebrate Easter for a whole week and 2 weekends. With no little ones around, I pretty much don’t bother with Easter anymore but seeing your signs of spring would bring anyone out of the doldrums. I think we are all ready for the change. Have a wonderful week and a wonderful Easter. Spending it in Ireland sounds nice though that cabin looks quite cozy.

  11. mommermom says:

    How special to have kept this cabin in the family. I am sure your great-grandad would be so pleased to know how much it is being enjoyed.

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