Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 1

St. Patrick's day sweets

I made it to Ireland.  Even if my flight from Stavanger was late and only sheer luck and nice air hosteses helped me catch my connecting flight in London. My bag wasn’t as lucky as me and did not make the flight. We stayed at a lovely hotel in Dublin Airport that we usually use when the flight arrives late at night or leave early in the morning. It’s now called Clayton Hotel, but it used to be called Bewleys so we sometimes mix up the names.

Good morning Ireland

The next day was used to meet up with people in Dublin and as we where turning our noses west I got a call from the airline saying that my bag was now in Tuam, five hours before the prearranged time. The driver didn’t concider this a problem because he knew the guy working in the local Subway shop and he could leave it there. So when I got to Tuam my bag was there waiting for me!

16 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 1

  1. Loved the Irish green M&M’s!!! What fun. I didn’t see them here or I would have bought some. Nothing like arriving without the luggage. Happened to my mother and I when we did 3 weeks in Germany. Took 5 days for the luggage to get there. 😦 But they did bring it to us as we continued out travels. Most people working for airlines can be quite nice and try to help. Have a wonderfilled Easter yourself.

  2. It is such a pain to lose luggage. I have learned to pack a few essentials in my carry on just in case…
    Glad it was returned to you. Happy Easter!

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