Dublin in winter

Library of Trinity College

After we visited Galway we brought my mother to Dublin and got to be “first time tourists” with her. This included a visit to Trinity College to have a look at the book of Kells and the library where they filmed some scenes from the Harry Potter movies.

Library of Trinity College

Trinity College campus

Trinity College

It was quite cold and I didn’t take a lot of photos, but we walked around to see a lot and had a very enjoyable time.

St.Stephen’s Green shopping centre ready for Christmas

Mandatory beer in Temple Bar


Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking in Dublin

Oscar Wilde lounging on a rock close to his old home

When I was in Ireland I had a few days around Dublin and as this coincided with my plan to walk more, I did quite a bit of walking. 


The weather was mostly overcast and the temperature was mild.

The floozy in the jacuzy

I didn’t just go walking, I had a few drops too.

Live music and a pint in Temple Bar

Grand Canal

Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green


Shopping Centre

When I was in Dublin I arranged to meet a friend who lives there and as we had agreed to meet up at St. Stephen’s Green I took the opportunity to look around the shops and the park.


Lovely park

I enjoyed the area and my friend and I had a great time in one of the pubs nearby where we consumed good beer and food. There are plenty of people around the shops and in the area, but it seemed that there wasn’t so many tourists in the pubs in the area. I might have been lucky or all of them was in the Temple Bar area.


Flowers reminding us that it's spring!

Being home again and back to work I can look back on a lovely time in beautiful Ireland. But as much as I enjoyed my trip it’s also good to be home and back to work and everyday life.


Dublin's wall of fame

Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 3: Dublin’s Fair City


Ha'Penny bridge

Today I went for a stroll around Dublin and enjoyed some sunshine and lovely weather.


Molly Malone

Walking past the statue of Molly Malone made me think of my old school days when we used to sing about her.


Bank of Ireland

There was many people out and quite a few tourist that was probably there for the 1916 centennial.



Outside the General Post Office the queues was so long I decided not to bother with them.


The Temple Bar

I wandered around Temple Bar, but decided to enjoy my beer somewhere else.


Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 1


St. Patrick's day sweets

I made it to Ireland.  Even if my flight from Stavanger was late and only sheer luck and nice air hosteses helped me catch my connecting flight in London. My bag wasn’t as lucky as me and did not make the flight. We stayed at a lovely hotel in Dublin Airport that we usually use when the flight arrives late at night or leave early in the morning. It’s now called Clayton Hotel, but it used to be called Bewleys so we sometimes mix up the names.


Good morning Ireland

The next day was used to meet up with people in Dublin and as we where turning our noses west I got a call from the airline saying that my bag was now in Tuam, five hours before the prearranged time. The driver didn’t concider this a problem because he knew the guy working in the local Subway shop and he could leave it there. So when I got to Tuam my bag was there waiting for me!

Great Weekend and Ireland Again!

This extended weekend I’ve had after my last day at work, has been really good. Thursday we went for dinner at my parents and started the long overdue process of defrosting the freezer. Friday I treated myself to a massage and after that we headed for the summer-house to fix a little problem with the roof so that it will stay dry inside for the winter. We stayed till yesterday evening and enjoyed the lovely autumn weather we were getting.

Lovely October morning!

Lovely October morning!

And since I decided to have some time off to regroup between jobs, I found the time to go for a quick visit to Ireland! I’m leaving Tuesday morning and will go back saturday morning to get ready for work the following monday. But a short visit is much better than no visit.

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Vacation is coming

I am very much in need of a vacation. Luckily easter is coming up and I’ll get some much-needed time off from work and other things. This year I’m going back to Ireland for a nice little vacation in my days off. I’m looking forward to this so much that the day of departure cannot come soon enough. Sitting here looking forward to my trip I’m thinking about the last time I was over and looking forward to see Ireland in the spring.

Garden of rememberance

Garden of remembrance

The photo above is from my last time over this autumn and it is from the garden of remembrance in Dublin. A beautiful memorial for those who has given their life for Irish freedom.

Dublin writers museum

Dublin writers museum

This photo I took when I was entering the Dublin writers museum. This was a great little museum that contained a lot of information books and memerobilia of Irish writers, and as you’ll know there are many great writers among them. I simply loved this museum and I would recomend it to everyone should you find yourself in Dublin with some spare time on your hands.