Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 2: Tuam

River Nanny

I am really enjoying easter here in Ireland. So far we have spent our time being invited out to good friends for good food, drinks and lovely company.

Hail stones

The weather haven’t been the best. We’ve had rain, wind and a few showers of hail stones. But the sun has come through on occations.

Easter decorated Pub window

This easter is quite special in Ireland as they are marking the centennial of the  Easter Rising that led to irish independence 

Guinness are testing old recipes

27 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 2: Tuam

  1. Happy Easter, Maja Ours is wet too but we had a nice breakfast our and a nice Hawaiian coffee at home to cheer us on. Now it’s time for work and study. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your holiday. I’d go see Ireland in the rain too. :))

  2. Interesting seeing the ivy growing all over the tree. Glad you got a little sunshine but doesn’t look like the weather was cooperating much during this part of your trip.

      1. It was nice but quiet. We had a camping trip while the grandkids were on Easter break which we ended up canceling due to very cool and even rainy weather! We get spoiled in this neck of the woods with our beautiful weather most of the time. Because we needed the rain so much we didn’t complain one little bit.β™‘

      2. That’s the truth! We’re in for 5 days of rain beginning today after several days of temperatures in the 90’s. Looking forward to the little break and the rain.

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