Sudden Outburst of Summer

Nice venue for a concert

I’ve had an amazing couple of days. Since my last post i’ve been on a wonderful concert, met up with great friends for barbecue, drinks and great food.

Amazing concert in a lighthouse

The weather decided that we would get a week of early summer temperatures. This has made it very easy to get out walking even if it’s been quite hot at times.


I’ve stayed close to water most of the time. And have done a bit of wading in the water to cool off my tired warm feet.


It’s not warm in the water yet, but there was quite a lot of kids out playing in the sea!


17 thoughts on “Sudden Outburst of Summer

  1. Sounds like you have been having some wonderful days. Summer can’t quite make up it’s mind here to stay or go. with the temps already between 30 to 33 degrees Celsius, I’m ready for snow. Well, not really. Just not quite that warm, yet. Then next week we get more rain and the temps are down to 18-23 degrees Celsius. We never pack away winter or summer clothes here. Feet in water looks so inviting.

    1. Feet in water was more refreshing than anything else. Water temperatures are almost 10 degrees. 18-23 degrees would be concidered good summer temperatures here 😉 we had a warm record for early may this week with 25.

      1. We are setting warm records for May as well. I hate to see August and September. I like 18-23. It could stay that way all year. 🙂 Much above that and I start to melt. 🙂 Think of us landlocked folks the next time you dip in a toe. 🙂

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