Summer at Idse

Water lillys in the lake

My holiday has started and so far it’s very good. Weather is not the best, but it’s nice enough.

A very small boat on shore

Here are some things I’ve been doing:
Lovely walks
Lazy mornings with great breakfast
Nice food
Eat self picked strawberries
Football on tv
Had great food

Met this on one of my walks

I’m very happy that I have much more time here and that we’re still at the beginning of what could turn out to be a great summer.

View from the bridge to the island

39 thoughts on “Summer at Idse

  1. Are your many trips on the weekends or do they provide generous vacation time? You have such nice trips and I was curious. I recall when I was working time off work was not that easy to come by and people seemed reluctant to take time off… .

      1. Usually started with one week and after a few years it went up to 2 weeks and eventually at 10 years it maxed out at 3 weeks. Somehow they always made you feel guilty for taking it though.

      2. That doesn’t sound very good. 3 weeks is not much and to make you feel guilty for taking it seems wrong. In Norway you have the same amount og holidays no matter how long you have worked. The minimum allowed to give is 4 weeks, but most get five. And you get an additional week when you turn 60

  2. I was going to ask about your vacation time as well. My daughter went 7 years without vacation time. Most places here don’t give paid vacation so if you take time, you lose money. You are fortunate indeed. This is the third blog this week to have pictures of snakes. 😦 The warm weather is bringing them out and I’m ready to send them all back. Good thing it’s a small one. They make me fly. Hope the weather continues to cooperate.

    1. We are required by law to take the vacation, but we pay for all of it in June and not when we take the vacation. In June we also get what is called holiday money and that is just over 10 % of your income last year so that you can afford to take the holiday. You are not allowed to exchange your vacation days for money anymore because the time off is good for your health.

      1. Well it’s the same here. Use it or lose it. You can take 2 weeks with you to next year, but you can’t swap your holiday for money anymore.

      2. I agree the time off is good for the health. We need much improvement here. Some work too hard, some not hard enough. I don’t work anymore but could sure use a change of scenery. πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful place and beautiful photos as usual Madam.. 😊 Thank you for sharing.. 😊
    It’s quite shocking to see snakes in Norway. Please take the necessary precautions and be safe..

      1. I see. I heard that Stavanger is a beautiful city and full of beautiful Fjords. Is that right? By the way, small cities and villages of Europe and more beautiful.. 😊

      2. Lovely.. 😊 Sauda, Stavanger and Idse are added to my Norwegian sojourn.. 😊
        Thank you Madam for explaining so much in detail.. 😊

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