Fløyen, Bergen

Entrance to Fløybanen

Bergen is known for being the city between 7 Mountains. On our trip we went up to the two most famous ones. One of them is Fløyen. It has a funicular railway going up to the top. It’s an easy hike, but we didn’t have too much time and it’s quite nice to take get up in a cart. 

On Fløybanen

Once you get up there you have a lovely view of the town. The view point is 320 meters above sea level. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait to long in line to go up. Fløybanen is open all year from early morning to late at night and only takes 5-6 minutes to the top.

View from the top


14 thoughts on “Fløyen, Bergen

  1. Being in Switzerland, the shoreline of Bergen has always been more interesting to us than the mountains (as we have them in abundance here), but I hadn’t realised the possibility to go up Fløyen – thanks for the tip!

  2. A few years ago I hiked down from there with my cousin Bente. She showed me where her father (my onkel) had carved his and his wife’s initials on a bench. I should look for them again.

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