Friday feeling 

Weekends are always something I’m looking forward to, but this weekend the feeling of elevation was extra strong this week. I’ve been a little tired over the week and the thought of not having to be up early for two days in a row!

Last week I went out to enjoy a lovely meals that I did not have to make myself. I went to an italian resturant I like to go to from time to time.

White pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom

I went for a white pizza with reindeer meat, pommegranade, buffalo mozzarella and mushroom, called Snøhetta. It was really good and left med very full!

I started my friday by dropping by the library and picking up some books to read instead of watching the inaguration of the US new president… 

23 thoughts on “Friday feeling 

  1. Going out for a delicious looking pizza would make my week too. I have not turned on the television all day. My daughter had to leave work early as there were big protests downtown so they wanted everyone home safe before things got ugly. We have a lot of unhappy people here and scared too. The women’s marches all over the country will be tomorrow. My sister is going to participate. I can’t. You are much better off enjoying dinner out than watching the trump show. 😦

    1. I don’t regret missing the Trump show one bit. I’m sure the highlights will be on the news all day today. Good thing your daughter came home safe. Have a good weekend Marlene.

  2. Reindeer meat? I have never had anything beyond the basics…chicken, beef, pork…oh, that’s not true, I have had curried goat (I didn’t know what it was, and by the time I did, it was too late…I loved it). However, I’ve never had venison (pretty popular in this part of Canada (the east coast))..and, I’ve never had rabbit, moose, mussels, or oysters…and, I don’t plan on it. haha
    By the way, that pizza looks sooooo delicious…thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. The pizza looks and sounds delicious. I love venison. Does reindeer meat taste like regular deer meat? Maybe that’s a silly question. 🙂 I enjoyed hearing about your day. I’d say “have a good weekend”; but I just read this post. So I will say Have a great rest of the week!

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