Easter in Ireland 2017: Clifs of Moher

For this visit in Ireland I had decided to do a little bit of sightseeing. There are many sights to see, but one thing that has been high on my list is the Clifs of Moher. As seen un films as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Ryan’s Daughter, The Princess Bride and Father Ted.

The Clifs was really as stunning as I expected. It was quite windy when we were there, but the rain decided to take a little break when we where there.

The Clifs is a Special Protected Area for Birds and is home to a lot of seabirds including quite a lot of Puffins.

Going there on Good Friday there was a lot of other people there to watch the majestic Clifs and as we got there rather late there was not to wide a selection of food left in the resturant situated in the experience centre, but we were lucky enough to get some food.

We didn’t spend too much time in the centre, as we preferred to spend more of our time out by the Clifs, but those who built the centre had done a good job making it blend in to the environment.

After a while the rain started to pour, the gift shops were closing and all the tourists started leaving. And as we had a two hour drive ahead to get home we had to say goodbye to the Clifs and the puffins that has this wonderful place as a home.

33 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2017: Clifs of Moher

  1. I was disappointed by the cliffs. Expensive to park, lots of pointless shops and impossible to get close to the cliff edge. I preferred Mizen Head further south. Glad you are having a good time in Ireland!

    1. I didn’t visit the shops and I felt I got close enough to the clif edge. But I haven’t seen the Mizen Head. I am enjoying Ireland a lot. Hope you’re having a good easter.

  2. Wow! That view was breathtaking but I can imagine it was a bit cool with the wind and spring rains. The puffins are too cute. Hope you got to see many of them. Glad you are having a lovely Easter break.

  3. What breathtaking views. You did a good job taking the photos. Certainly something I have often heard about but you you really brought it to life.

  4. Beautiful photos indeed and it looks like a truly glorious place to visit. Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday.

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