Easter in Ireland 2017: Aillwee Caves and the Burren

Another great thing to see in County Clare Ireland, in addition to the Clifs of Moher, is the Aillwee Caves.

The caves was dicovered in the 40’s, but was kept a secret for a long time untill they opened it up to the public in 1974. It’s one of the oldest caves in Ireland.

The walk inside the cave was really something else and I really enjoyed it. The cave holds a consistent temperature of 10 degrees celsius.

Many many years ago the cave was home to some brown bears. They have been ecstinct on the Emerald Isle for many years, but their remains were found in the cave.

On our way down we stoppes in a little shop spelling localy produced cheese and fudge. There was also a bird of pray centre there, but we opted out of that one.

The area around where the Caves can be found is called The Burren. It is an area where the limestone is very visible, not covered in the green grass you usually find in Ireland. This is not something you are every day. There are several great walking trails here.

18 thoughts on “Easter in Ireland 2017: Aillwee Caves and the Burren

  1. You get to do lots of walking on your excursions. Caves are interesting as long as they don’t go too deep. That scares me a bit. I’d be stopping for cheese and fudge too. 🙂

    1. I’m enjoying Ireland very much. The weather has been very on and off, but It’s about the same as we get in Norway. The Caves are well worth a visit in my oppinion.

  2. Yay!! I love the Burren! Did you get to climb up any of the hills? It can be so, so pretty there! 😀

    1. I didn’t get to climb to far up any hills. There was a bit of rain and it was a bit slippery and we didn’t have propper shoes. But I would love to go sometime when I go back.

      1. Yay for next time!! I’ll try to post some photos of the burren in the sun so you can see what it can look like.

        I hope you can get over to Connemara too.

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