January weekend

This weekend has been a very good combination of busy and relaxing. It was rehersal with my band on friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day. We are rehersing for this years National Championship and we have a conductor comming over from Wales to help us. It’s busy, but fun.

After rehearsals on Saturday I went out for a spinn down the country side before we went to IKEA to have a look and to get some dinner. Then we just spent the night in watching a show called the Americans on Netflix.

Today it was very cold and windy. This morning when I drove to band there was a bit of snow in the air. But after band it was time for a bit of the walk. Luckily the snow had stopped and the wind had let up a bit. And we had a wonderful walk in the crisp winter weather. Now it’s time for some more “internetting” a curry from the closest thai place. 

I do hope all of you have had as nice a weekend as I have!


13 thoughts on “January weekend

  1. A beautiful view. Balance sounds like a great beginning to the year. =)

  2. That water looks pretty cold!

  3. hsampson says:

    Beautiful place thanks for sharing and good luck in the Championship!!!

  4. I’m glad to hear you and the band are still at it and having fun. It’s always good to do things that bring you enjoyment. January is already halfway gone and spring will be here before we can blink. Have a wonderfilled week ahead.

  5. Mine was all busy, but it was a good busy. Glad you’re still competing. I always enjoy your band stories.

  6. johnrieber says:

    Sometimes the seaside has a different personality when it’s blustery and cold – and certainly fewer people!

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