Almost time for National Championship again

It is almost time for me to pack my bags and hop on a plane to the lovely city of Bergen. Every year in February I go there with my band to participate in the National Brass Band Championship. And I try to meet up with some friends when I am there. This time I’m leaving at Thursday morning and I’m very much looking forward to it. I have already made arrangements to be a part of some really nice things in my extended weekend.

Morning, sun coming out and all quiet

So this weekend has mostly been spent rehearsing for the competition next weekend. Rehearsals took care of Friday evening, most of Saturday and today. After rehearsals on Saturday I went out to watch the rugby match between Ireland and France, as a friend of mine had her birthday we went out for some pizza and beers and luckily I ended the evening early enough to not suffer lack of sleep today. As I have a busy week ahead the last thing I wanted to was to start the week very tired and wiped out.

Out to watch rugby it the pub

Today there is a concert after the rehearsals, with four other bands that are also getting ready for next weekend. Among these is my old band and it will be nice to hear them play and to talk to the nice people there. And then I have been so lucky that I have been invited to my mother for Sunday dinner, and she has said she might be serving komla (potato balls) and I’m very much looking forward to it. And as a bonus we don’t start to early today, so I got some time to enjoy working on my blog and reading others.

The weather this weekend has been wonderful and it has not been the best weekend to spend indoors. The sun has been out and it has been quite crisp and cold. I hope this weather will continue for some time, because the bright winter sun is very good for getting energy.

Hope you’re all doing great!


January weekend

This weekend has been a very good combination of busy and relaxing. It was rehersal with my band on friday evening, Saturday and Sunday all day. We are rehersing for this years National Championship and we have a conductor comming over from Wales to help us. It’s busy, but fun.

After rehearsals on Saturday I went out for a spinn down the country side before we went to IKEA to have a look and to get some dinner. Then we just spent the night in watching a show called the Americans on Netflix.

Today it was very cold and windy. This morning when I drove to band there was a bit of snow in the air. But after band it was time for a bit of the walk. Luckily the snow had stopped and the wind had let up a bit. And we had a wonderful walk in the crisp winter weather. Now it’s time for some more “internetting” a curry from the closest thai place. 

I do hope all of you have had as nice a weekend as I have!

Last Concert


Farmer Street Art

This week I played my last concert with my band. The concert was great and there was quite a lot of people there. It was held in a small town in the country side. Right next to the concerts venue there was a very large piece of street art of a farmer.


Sunny day

Next year I’m going to play with a different band that rehers a lot closer to where I live.


More Street Art

What am I Missing? – Drop me a link!

Everything is starting to get ready for the competition this weekend. I’m very much looking forward to the whole event. It’s one of two yearly events where I get to meet up with friends and acquaintances from all over the country. Work is busy, but I enjoy it a lot.

Old gate in the woods

Old gate in the woods

Being this busy I don’t have the time to read as many blog posts as I usually do, but as I said in my previous post I don’t like to miss out on things. The WP reader only shows you a limited amount of posts and when you’re not visiting all the time you can’t keep up! So if there is anything you’ve written that you think I should see or you come across something I should read when I get the time.

Busy times

View from where our rehersal is.

View from where our rehearsals are.

It’s soon time for my band to play in the Norwegian Championship again and this means that there is a lot of rehearsing and concerts leading up to the competition. This weekend was mostly spent in Oltedal, the place where my band has an old chapel we rehearse in. It’s been a cold weekend and we’ve had a little bit of snow. Sunday the sun came out and made the view beautiful.

On our way home

On our way home

The way home from Oltedal was amazingly beautiful. Trying to get good pictures from the car was not too easy, but I got a few ok shots. Not the worst view on your way to concert and home.


Even if my weekend was really busy with playing, I still got time to go to the 30’th birtday of a good friend. It was a really enjoyable night full of fun and good friends.