#tbt Easter in Ireland 2017: Literary Pub Crawl

This is a post I started writing a long time ago, but the draft has just been sitting in my draft folder and I decided that it was about time to do something about it and get it published and Throwback Thursday seemed like a good time to get it out.

I met up at the pub and got myself a pint of Guinness and a book signed by the author

Last Easter in Ireland I decided to go for a Literary Pub Crawl. Dublin is a city known for it’s writers and literature and I have previously visited the Dublin Writers Museum and I enjoyed that a lot. So this time I thought I would get to discover more of the Irish writers and their watering holes. Even if the number of pubs in Dublin have become a lot fewer than the 3000 it used to have, around 850 pubs is still a good number. And in this pub crawl we got to visit quite a few great literary ones.

The two great actors that took us for the tour, here performing an excerpt of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”

We met up for the tour at a good old pub called The Duke and the group that was there for the tour was a very varied group with people from all over Europe, America and Canada. The atmosphere was great and the actors that conducted the tour was simply wonderful storytellers and good performers.

Not all the stops was at a pub, we also stopped off in the grounds of Trinity College to hear about all the writers that went to school here. Walking in the grounds of the College in the evening, listening to stories, was really a great experience.

More from Trinity in this post

Among the famous writers we heard more about was Joyce, Behan, Yeats, Beckett and Wilde. But also more from the very rich Irish literary history. It’s not without reason that Dublin is called City of Literature by UNESCO.

We visited a pub called O’Neill and after we gathered outside for more information by the statue of Molly Malone. All of the people that joined the tour except for a Spanish family that brought their quite young son and did not have too much English. But everyone else had a really good time. The tour was the perfect mix between interesting facts about Irish writers and visiting good pubs.

I found the tour online at Dublin Pub Crawl and thought it could be fun and it really was. I can recommend it to everyone looking for something to do in Dublin.

52 thoughts on “#tbt Easter in Ireland 2017: Literary Pub Crawl

  1. Sounds like a great idea! I have never been to a literary crawl so I would love to explore that. Thank you for sharing and I will keep an eye if something similar happens in India and the city i live in 🙂

  2. Lovely trip and never leave stuff in the draft folder. I do that and end up forgetting to finish them too! Great idea to combine it with a literary roam. It’s a fantastic place for doing that and if the black stuff is involved so much the better, says I!

    1. I have left far to many things in my draft folder, but I have decided to give it a bit of a clean up. Much is deleted and some posts are being finished and publish this year.

      1. Same here, I’ve two in there now from last year myself! Mind you I’m still aiming to re-theme and try to get my blog beyond the starting point. Hopefully that will help have a clear out too!!

    1. I have not been to many places in Ireland, but I have spent quite some time at the west coast and Dublin. And I really enjoy it, I should try to see more of the country.

  3. I went on the exact same tour! I loved it. The stories from the guides were so engaging and we had great fun at each of the pubs. I have to say chatting with the other visitors was definitely part of the fun, too. I’m glad you went and glad you finally wrote the post about it. Neat to know we both went on the same tour! Yeah, Dublin!

    1. Maybe It’s just me, but taking your non-english speaking child to a tour about Irish writers where you visit a fair few pubs, doesn’t sound like a good idea to begin with. Can’t blame him for getting bored.. .

    1. Not to wheelchair-accessible I think. The tour started in the second story of a pub, and I didn’t see any lifts. And a lot of the other pubs was a few stories or had different levels for different rooms. I may not be the best judge of this as I didn’t look for lifts and such. But from what I have experienced from my man’s sister, who lives in Dublin and is in a wheelchair, it generally is not the best town or country for wheelchair-accessibility.

  4. Huh, I’ve always thought eventually I’d like to visit Ireland/Dublin… but realizing that it’s a literary city makes it even more appealing to me! LOL! If I ever do get around to visiting I’ll have to make sure to do this pub crawl, looks fun!

  5. Ireland..the country of the endless green landscapes, land of the Celtic dance and music, home of beer and whiskey. I am a huge fan of beer. In Ireland, I loved to taste everything. The first time I drunk a pint of Guinness was at the pub crawl in Dublin. But Guinness is not the only awesome beer Irish people have. There are so many of them! Grab a friend and pick a bunch of different bars to go. You’ll find beers for all types of taste. I was pretty excited since everyone told me that pub crawl is one of the highlights in Dublin.

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