When I was in Dun Laohaire I took the DART , a local train, in to the city center of Dublin to do some shopping. I mostly shopped and enjoyed some food and drink and did not do much sightseeing. I have done more of that earlier an if you are interested I have added some links to posts from previous visits.

#tbt Easter in Ireland 2017: Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin’s Writers Museum – A Guest Post By Maja

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Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking in Dublin

Dublin in winter

The colorful Tara building
Mulligan’s Pub 

I spent quite some time in the shops in Grafton street. The shop where I spent the most time was maybe the Disney store, I just love walking around there, as we do not have one where I live. Grafton Street not just known for shopping it is also known for all the street musicians, buskers, playing music both traditional and new. It is also close to the lovely park called St. Stephen’s Green that also gave name to a charming shopping center just by the park.

Easter in Ireland 2016 Part 6: St. Stephen’s Green



I found many nice little things and got many gifts that was on my list of birthday and Christmas gifts that I had to sort out. But there still is quite a few left to sort. After a full day of walking around and shopping I was very tired when I turned my nose back to the hotel.

The river Liffey running through the city, better hurry to the sunny side

At the moment I am just back from work and I am very happy that it is Friday and Weekend. I hope the weekend will bring a lot of good to all of you. Do you have anything planned for it?

31 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. I love taking a day to explore a new city…when I was in Paris for work in May I spent an extra day and hit all new places I’d never seen before…and I love a vibrant street scene as well…thanks for sharing all of these great photos and video!

  2. How fun, I love visiting little shops. We have a couple Disney stores here where I live. They are fun to visit. This weekend is a holiday weekend in our country with Veteran’s Day Monday to honor our soldiers and also first responders like emergency medical techs, firemen and police officers. Everyone has Monday off from school and work so the shops will be packed. There is an airplane event and a Swedish festival that we will be attending Saturday and then a drive up north to the woods for some exploring the creeks, maybe a picnic at the lake. I would love to visit Dublin, looks beautiful, thank you for sharing your adventures. Love the photos.

    1. Sounds like a good and eventful weekend you have planned, and I do envy you having an extra day off. Dublin is a lovely city and it is worth a visit. Thank you.

  3. I would like to see it one day but you are providing plenty of photos to make me feel as though I have been there. This is the first weekend in forever that I have no plan. I’m giving myself a day off to visit here and there from my chair. 🙂 Our air quality is poor so I will not venture out. Have a fun and relaxing weekend, Maja.

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