Busy times ahead

This weekend I have the apartment to myself. I have to spend quite a bit of the weekend trying to do some tidying and organizing as it is the last weekend I have left to get the place more representable for when we have a few weekends of guests staying over later on in the month. I feel that I got off to a good start last night as I used my Friday evening in a shopping center sorting out all my little errands and making sure I got to use a few gift cards that was about to expire. I also got a head start on tackling the large piles of laundry that always seem to grow faster that I would have thought possible with only two people in the household. But I also had some time to watch Netflix and enjoy some nice beer in front of the TV.

A wonderful rainbow earlier this week as I was walking to work

Today it’s, hopefully, tidying bonanza especially sorting some stuff that has been stacked away in one of the guest bedrooms, since we moved in over a year ago. And yes all of the stuff that has not yet found a proper place and might not be stuff I need anymore is mine. I am the one in the house that has the most things and I’m not the best one at tidying. So please wish me luck. Tomorrow will be a more social day.

I did not manage to get the full rainbow in one shot, so I did two. As I was late for work I did not have time to search for the pot of gold.

The reason why I need to get on top of things this weekend is that I have a lot of trips coming up, both business and pleasure. And, as I mentioned earlier, we are lucky enough to have friends coming from abroad a few weekends this month. Having more space than we had before we are now in a position where we can accommodate our friends and families. We are very lucky to be able to travel and to get visits, but if I don’t get on top of things when I have an opportunity I think this fall will be busier than I can even imagine.

Hope all of your weekends are what you hope it will be and more. I have to get on with my chores so that I can take a new break in a little while to enjoy some lovely blog posts.

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