Stormy sea

Obrestad Lighthouse 

When we had a visitor from Ireland we decided to go see some sights, even if the weather was not very good.


One of the places we decided to go was to an old lighthouse called Obrestad lighthouse from 1873. The wind was blowing up to a storm and it was hard moving from the car up to the lighthouse, but the view was quite spectacular.

View Of the stormy sea and little men on poles watching them

As we got closer to the sea we saw that someone had put up miniature men on poles that was looking out at sea. The wind was very strong and it was hard to stand up by the fence and look out for long.

Man on a pole looking out at sea

The houses around the lighthouse are now available for renting and if one wants it could be quite the place to spend a night. The lighthouse itself has been turned in to a museum.

Waves crashing in

After rushing back in the car we drove the 5 minutes to the old priests farm. The priest and his family was important people and back in the day out in the countryside he would have a nice farm. This old farm is now an art gallery and a museum with a nice cafe. It is also a good place to start one of many lovely Sunday walks. We did not go walking here the Sunday we were out because along with the wind at storms strength the rain started falling sideways.

Hå old preist farm

We sometimes went out here to go walking when I was a child and I still like to come out from time to time on a Sunday and enjoy the lighthouse and the nature around this place where the sea comes in very unsheltered.

Old farmhouse that is now an art gallery

Next time I drop by I hope the wind is not so strong that it is not advisable to go out to the sea and that I can go for a lovely walk with fresh sea air.

View of the lighthouse from the farm

14 thoughts on “Stormy sea

  1. We don’t get that kind of weather and it would scare me a little. Glad you are brave enough to go out in it. I love the view though. Going to the ocean here is a summertime event as the winds are quite strong in winter here as well. Nothing like what you have. I loved all the bees on the side of the building and the man on the pole. Have a good week ahead.

    1. Thank you. The sea is really magical in a storm, as long as you never don’t go to close and stay un when adviced you should be ok. Hope your weekend has been good and that the week ahead will bring many good things.

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