Wedding in Sauda

Sauda fjordhotell

I was a maid of honour at my friends wedding last weekend. The wedding took place at an old hotell in a small place called Sauda. The hotell is located in beautiful suroundings and we were lucky enough to get a room facing the fjord.

View from the hotell

Sauda is a place locateded deep in a fjord and it has quite a beautiful scenary. The town itself is built largely around a big smelting factory of old that is still running today. As you can see from the photos the mountains by the fjord are quite tall and on the night of the wedding the first snow of the year came down on the highest mountains.

One of the places we stopped to take photos

It was a beautiful day for the wedding and we there was loads of fun, tears and laughter. Good food and good company. All the guests and the Bride and Groom seemed very happy. 

Close-up of the flowers



Waterfall from the start of the walk

Last Sunday the weather was lovely and we decided to stop for a little walk on our way down from the wedding.

As we were close to Svandalsfossen, a lovely waterfall, we thought it would be nice to walk up to have a look.

The waterfall is at it’s most impressive when the snow on the mountains are melting, but I thought it was a great slight in autumn as well. It sure was noisy enough!

Lazy Week (and Weekend)

Trees by the lake

Trees by the lake

This week I haven’t really been up to much and it has been very nice! I’ve been doing the things I had to do, like going to work minding a few peoples plants and bringing in their mail while they were on holiday, but apart from that my days have consisted of going for walks in between the rain showers, and just being at home watching tv and hanging around the internett.

Ducks among the water lillies

Ducks among the water lillies

After reading several posts on how to use pintrest in your blogging I decided to start taking some interest in it. I already had an account after being convinced by the lovely Teagan Genevienne and seeing the way she used it with her blogging. I soon discovered  I didn’t understand much of it and I nearly forgot about it. This week I decided to give it a new go and I have slowly but surely understood more and more of it. I found out that the way to go for me is to approach this little by little at snail speed. So far Pintrest have sent one person to my blog, i’m not a 100% sure but I think that was me accidentally clicking on my phone. As you understand I am nowhere near being an expert and I probably never will be and that is absolutely fine by me. If you are curious about pintrest visit Suzie Speaks, Elena or Janice, they know a lot more that me about it!

Tree in the air

Tree in the air

This weekend I’m going to continue having no plans. I had a lovely quiet friday evening with watching TV, eating nice food, crisps and enjoying some wine with my man. I am making sure that my batteries are properly loaded for next week that starts with me going for job interviews on Monday and Tuesday.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend doing whatever makes you happy!

P.S. If you find yourself wondering what to do with the weekend there is a PARTY going on at Janice’s new blog! Check it out.

Ullandhaug – Stavanger

Evening time from Ullandhaug tower

Evening time from Ullandhaug tower

My parents are away on summer holidays and for logistical purposes and for the change in scenery we decided to stay over at their place for a night. They only live a 5 minutes drive away from me, but you feel like you’re more away from the centre of town than that. When we were there we decided to take a little walk up to a tower on a hill a few minutes walk up the road. The view up there is very nice.

Met this little fellow on our way

Met this little fellow on our way.

When I lived with my parents I used to go for walks in this area all the time, but having plenty of opportunities closer but it’s been a while since I have walked here. The weather was a bit on and off, but it was quite lovely and warm.The tower  is called Ullandhaugtårnet, meaning Ullandhaug tower, it is a tele tower built in 1964 on top Ullandhaug a hill in Stavanger. The top of the tower is 200 meters above sea and this makes it the highest point in Stavanger. And from the viewpoint here you can see all of Stavanger and beyond. The tower was built where an older tower was erected in 1896 in commemoration of the battle of Hafrsfjord (a famous Viking battle), but this was mostly destroyed in World War II. So the new tower is built where the old tower had been.

View from another side of the tower.

View from another side of the tower.

On our way down we had to go by a shop and get some coffee for the morning and as the nearest shop takes you past the Iron age farm we decided to go up and have a look. The houses wasn’t open as we were there quite late, but as long as you leave the sheep be and remember to close the fence you’re allowed in at all hours to have a look. The farm is a recreation of an Iron Age Farm found here by archeologist and everything is recreated just the way they found it. You can come here and get a glimpse of what it was like to live in Norway 1500 years ago.


Picture of the Iron Age Farm, you can see Ullandhaug tower in the background

Norwegian Island Idse

View of sea and mouintains

View of sea and mountains

Our summer-house, that I wrote about in the previous post and a few others. Is as many of you have gathered a place I come to relax. It is situated on an island close to the quite famous Lysefjorden where you can find the pulpit rock. I find the scenery quite beautiful and dramatic. The photo above is taken from the bay where our summer-house is. The name of the bay is Kjeksevåg which translates to Biscuit Bay

Small house

Small house

The island’s name is Idse and it’s not a very large island, but not too small either. You have a few people living there and there are a few farms and quite a few summer houses. There used to be a school here but now there aren’t enough children on the island to keep the school and with the bride going over to the mainland it’s not a very long bus ride over to the nearest school.

Small farm with horses

Small farm with horses

I love how I can be this close to home and still get away to a quiet life with beautiful nature and where you can slow down and not stress. Some of the houses and farms are very picturesque and you feel like you’re in a very different time and place then when you’re in Stavanger. And it’s just an hour 15 minutes drive or a 30 minutes boat ride away!