Last weekend of September

Beautiful weather on my Sunday walk

This weekend was the first in a while w were not away or had guests staying at our house. So on Friday we did absolutely nothing. Just relaxed and went to bed early. The rain was pouring down and that was the forecast for the whole weekend.

Saturday I had a bit of a lie in, then a relaxed breakfast. Then we went to a flea marked for a look and then to an antiques fair. Before going to IKEA to shop and eat. The weather turned out quite a lot better than we expected, so that was a bonus. A friend of mine, who lives in Bergen, was in the region, so she came for a visit Saturday evening. We had a lovely time catching up. I just love meeting up with good friends you don’t see too often and then after two minutes it’s like you were never apart.

Mushrooms are up contributing to the autumn feel

Sunday came with another slow morning, good breakfast and good coffee. After that I had to go in an work a few hours, before I could go out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine that decided to show up. I had a good long Sunday walk and fall is really here now even if we had a sunny day Sunday. I collected my mother at the airport and after that decided that we would order a pizza for our movie night. It felt like a special treat as we have decided to be a bit healthier, but if we don’t treat ourselves every once in a while on the weekends we are never going to keep it up.

Hope the weekend has been kind to you all and that October arriving tomorrow (how did that happen?) will bring many good things.

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