October is here

A morning walk to work

Today is the first day of October and autumn is most definitively here. I don’t really know how we have already gotten to the  10th month of 2019 (the years just seem to swoop by), but here we are. Three months left to go before we reach 2020. We are entering the cold dark months with a lot of candles and blankets.

For me October brings many things. This week I am doing a course to learn new skills at work and with this comes new tasks. I have a few travels coming up both with work and private. First of I will be going somewhere I have never been before. Next week I will be traveling to Tromsø, in the north of Norway. I hope I will have some time in the evening to see a little bit of the town as I have heard many good things about it. To this day I have never been further north than Trondheim that is roughly in the middle of Norway.

At home we have decided to use this autumn to become a little bit healthier. After the summer and a September with holidays and visits, I just feel a bit sluggish and unhealthy. I will not go on any specific diet, but I have started to grab myself by the neck and cutting back a lot on eating unhealthy food and eating more vegetables and healthier options. I have already started this, but October will be the first full month of my healthier eating, and with the weather probably getting worse it will be a big test to see if I can keep up and gradually up my walking trips to get in to a little bit better shape.

How about you, what does October hold in store for you? Whatever it is I hope it is good stuff.

24 thoughts on “October is here

  1. First Frost this morning. What happened to Autumn? The leaves are still on the trees! I will get some more candles too–red or white long ones I prefer. Sounds like an exciting adventure going “north”!

  2. So beautiful where you live. We need to head up north to get our place all bundled up and ready for Winter. Here in the city we live in a desert area so the Winters are not cold but up north it snows. I can’t wait to get up there because the leaves are all changing and I just love the colors of Fall. I am from Arizona.

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