Slow Sunday

Today has been a very slow day, very slow. I arrived home from the holiday to Ireland late last night after a long day of traveling and having been out for a few pints with friends on Friday evening. So I awarded myself a late start to the day today. A long time a go when I booked the trip I was making sure that I had a day home before going back to work as I did not want to arrive home late and going straight to work. Having a day to relax and catch up on some chores is always good after having been travelling for a while. More on my trip to come in following posts over the next days.


So after a nice sleep in, I got up to put some clothes in the washing machine, went to the shop to get some food and took my laptop and a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch and started catching up on all the blogging action I missed while I was away and some of the podcasts I normally listen to. Only getting up to refill the cup and take out the wash and putting on a new one. I have had a great time enjoying so many great posts and just not doing much today. I probably should unpack my suitcase and do a bit of tidying, but I have a feeling that I will just hang around on the couch reading and listening until I will do the most arduous thing I have planed for the day and that is to go up the hill in a few hours to get a nice Sunday dinner from my mother.