Flying to Ireland

Sadly the weather was not the best so the view out of the window was not the best

I booked the trip to Ireland well in advance and got quite a good price on them. I was going out in the middle of the day on the Friday and coming back late Saturday after. The best option for tickets was with KLM this time around. Sadly there are no direct flights from Stavanger to Dublin so there is always a stop over somewhere on the way. Usually in either Oslo, Copenhagen or Amsterdam. But I have also been through Heathrow, Aberdeen, Frankfurt on other occasions. Flying with KLM you go through Amsterdam and this time it was through there both on the way over and on the way back.

Complementary drink and wrap 

Our flight down left on time and I got the seats I wanted, so I was quite happy with that. The planes going over was the little City Hopper ones where there are only two seats in one row, so no one has to take the awful middle seat. And as always when you are flying with KLM you get a complimentary nibble and a drink. This time I got a very tasty wrap and I opted for a nice Heiniken, both of them pointed out the fact that KLM is having their 100th year anniversary this year.

One of the many KLM planes in Amsterdam 

This time we had a few hours in Amsterdam between flights and decided to book ourselves in to the lounge to get some food, drink and comfortable seats. Airport food is not always so great and it is usually quite pricey for what you get so a visit to the lounge was very good value for money on a Friday evening. I was not the driver on this trip, as the people of Ireland has decided to drive on the left side of the road, not the right one. So I got to enjoy some nice Cava with some good food.

Many Dutch houses in on the way down from the lounge

The lounge I was in was just opened and it was a lovely spot and it was absolutely more comfortable waiting there then at the gate, and there were not to many people in, so it was a lot less noisy than the rest of the airport. And when our flight to Dublin was around an hour delayed I could just grab some extra snacks and lean back and enjoy the comfort. I arrived in Dublin just under an hour later than planned, but it was not a problem, but a few people I talked to had had much worse delays the same day, as the weather was not great for flying.

Nice working area in the new lounge 

Our journey home also went quite smooth, but no lounging on the way back as I had quite a tight stop over. The flight from Dublin being slightly delayed did not help, but I made it in time after a brisk walk across the airport. When I got home I just went straight to bed, and it was the same lovely feeling as I always get after having been away from home, going to sleep in your own bed is a fantastic feeling.

And a nice relaxing area

Hope all of you are doing great and that you have had a good weekend!

12 thoughts on “Flying to Ireland

    1. You are a bit right in that as long as it is the other people stressing, not yourself. I don’t mind airports as long as I have enough time and comfortable seats.

      1. Oh yes… me too. But if I do have a layover and there is great shopping… I can get into trouble spending too much money. LOL!

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